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Jeanine Hemingway CPA provides a variety of tax-related consulting services to families, trusts, and individuals. We can help you explore your tax-saving opportunities and develop your tax strategy. Drawing on multidisciplinary expertise, we provide you with customized guidance to fit your situation so that your tax strategy aligns with your financial framework.

Our tax experts provide projections and specific tax planning advice to help you maximize your tax refund by taking advantage of all tax deductions eligible to you.  The tax laws are complex and change every year.  Working with our team provides you access to professional service, expert advice, and a secure client portal to safely exchange financial information.

We offer two kinds of services for individuals:

Jeanine Hemingway CPA can prepare and file your state and federal taxes, and can answer your tax-related questions to ensure you maximize your refund.  We’re here to help.  Schedule a discussion today.

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