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Jeanine Hemingway, CPA is a tax planning, tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory firm located in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to provide each client with professional and personalized service. The firm’s staff are experts in the areas of accounting and tax preparation and planning. We combine sound advice and an innovative approach to achieve our clients’ financial, accounting, tax, and business needs.

Our firm works with clients including startups, mid-market and closely held companies, professional services firms, as well as individuals and families. If you are seeking solid tax, bookkeeping, or advisory services—or a blend of it all, Jeanine Hemingway CPA looks forward to earning your trust and making your life less taxing. Our mission is to provide quality bookkeeping and tax services in a supportive environment.

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Curious where the IRS stands regarding your refund? Here is a link: https://www.irs.gov/refunds

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Tax Deadlines

February 15, 2024:
Reclaim your exemption from withholding.
If you chose to claim an exemption from your employer withholding taxes from your paycheck last year by filing a Form W-4, you’ll need to re-file the form by this date.

March 15:

  • Partnerships, LLCs – Form 1065
  • S Corporations – Form 1120S

April 15:

  • Individuals – Form 1040
  • Corporations – Form 1120
  • Estates and Trusts – Form 1041
  • Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) – FinCEN Form 114
  • 1st Quarter Estimated Payments

May 15:

  • Exempt Organizations – Forms 990

New Unemployment Rates 
Send your payroll services your new State Unemployment rate.
TWC is now down to 0.25% or $22.50/year

Employee Retention Credit (ERC) – Voluntary Disclosure Program 

IMPORTANT: The IRS is auditing ERC claims.  If you fail an audit, the penalty could be between 20% and 75% of the ineligible claim.  If you claimed and received the ERC but you are ineligible and need to repay the ERC, you can apply for the Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program (ERC-VDP) follow this link for details.

The ERC-VDP is open through March 22, 2024. Requires include:

  • Repay any interest you received on your ERC refund
  • Voluntarily pay back the ERC, minus 20% 
  • Make note, the 20% reduction is not taxable as income 
  • Cooperate with any requests from the IRS for more information 
  • Sign a closing agreement




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What Value Does Accounting Expertise Add to My Business?

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